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JJ Wong to Offer Value Added Services for High Value Property Investors

Singapore: Amidst the race of global and domestic investors for property investments in Singapore a top real estate agency is upgrading is adding more services and enhancing quality to increase customer satisfaction. That is JJ Wong, a big brand in the Singapore real estate agency landscape.

The award-winning agency has been guiding thousands of foreign investors who flock to invest in the city state charmed by political stability, strong economy, and high quality life.

In the Singapore real estate sector, along with investors, property agents are a mass of the major movers and shakers as a connecting link to the local property market.

According to JJ Wong agency management, behind all successful deals there has been the expert hand of a top property agent in Singapore who will be a master of knowledge, trends, regulations, and property values.

JJ Wong is a winner of the ‘Best Real Estate provider award for its outstanding contribution to the real estate market and is noted for its vision and pool of professionals. The award-winning agency has been giving yeoman service to foreign investors about the dynamics of the Singapore market.

JJ Wong agency is starting a strict orientation session for its team to equip the property agents to service foreign clients in a faster pace with best deals, locations, premium properties, rental yields, and capital gains.

According to the director, the litmus test of efficiency with real estate agents is how they connect well with investors and work as a bridge with local property developers and property owners.

They must use their vast contacts to help foreign investors with the right properties. Agents can also help with off-market properties for clients to offer a competitive advantage.

Impressive promotion and marketing

JJ Wong wants to be a single window solution with its army of experienced property agents who do marketing and promotion of high-value properties to prospective buyers using multiple channels.

Experienced real estate agents play an important role in transactions at the negotiations and due diligence fronts. They can also deliver the best bargain on purchase prices, rental rates, and other terms of the transaction. Due diligence needs up-skilling to ensure that the property is a sound investment with no hidden issues that upset investor's returns.

JJ Wong wants to ensure investors face minimum risk and enjoy maximum returns in terms of due diligence skills, market knowledge, expertise, networking, and marketing.

The new initiative will improve the client base as big-ticket deals require super experienced property agents. The move will ensure JJ Wong means good deals to clients justifying its fame and prowess as an award-winning property consultancy in Singapore.


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