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Hire Top Condo Specialist Property Agent in Singapore

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

OCR is the main hub of private residential market, including up-graders from HDB homes. Price wise mass-market homes are more affordable than the prime core central region (CCR) and the rest of central region (RCR) private condos.In the thriving property market of Singapore condos or condominiums are always high-demand products. Most Singaporeans nurture the dream of owning private residential property. Despite access to public housing estates like HDB homes, the bulk of the households like to trade up to move into private homes.

Within in the housing segment of the property market, you can find intense action around the condos. Compared to public housing concepts like HDB, condos are expensive and the process of buying a condo requires the active support of a property professional. Given the complex dynamics of the condo market, it is apparent that you will need a top condo agent to realize the ambition of buying a condo in Singapore. There are many reasons behind the passion for condos. The purchase plan of a condo depends on many variables such as location, price range, and financials. Among the condos, the mass market condos dominate the sales. They are abundant in suburban locations in OCR or outside the central region.

Main catalysts behind condo demand The motivation to move into condos is driven mainly by lifestyle aspirations, legacy planning, and wealth management. Condos offer a colorful lifestyle experience. In condos, a resident will enjoy most facilities for health, leisure, and relaxation such as parks, swimming pools, gyms, spas, cycle tracks, stores, mini theatres, eta at his doorstep. There is also space for hosting gatherings such as party rooms or barbecue (BBQ) pits. The attraction of condos from a legacy planning and wealth preservation angle continues to be significant. Man

y consider freehold or private homes or 99-year leasehold properties as the best assets to pass down to future generations.

Get the best property agent for your Condo purchase Given the high demand and price range for condos, the service of a property agent specialized in condo deals is essential. Potential condo buyers may want to engage the best real estate agent in Singapore for the condo search, negotiations, and other processes. A random search will show hundreds of names from the 30, 000 odd registered property agents in Singapore. But to find the right property agent, you must insist to satisfy a set of considerations.


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