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Hire the Best Property Agent in Singapore and Clinch Super Deals

Updated: May 9, 2023

The benefits of hiring the best real estate agent in the competitive Singapore property market are well-documented in many places. The attraction of the Singapore real estate market is that it is not an arena of just local buyers or investors. There is a heavy influx of foreign investors in the fray who are a vital component of the hot real estate market of Singapore. Although Singapore has 30, 000 plus property agents and 1500 plus real estate agencies, the onus lies with prospective buyers and sellers to ensure that they are hiring the services of the very best property agents who also include many award-winning property agents. From a domestic market perspective, home buying is the highly busy segment where owners of HDB flats after MOP are eager to buy high-value housing properties including condos, ECs, and landed houses. There are property purchases as homes to live in and also as investment tools for rental revenue. Then you have institutional investors looking for commercial, office, and industrial properties with their specifications and standards. In all these scenarios, qualified and experienced property agents are a must for the smooth navigation of deals so that future worries, legal issues, and regrets can be avoided. In Singapore, you can access the service of many outstanding award-winning property agent who assist ably in buying, selling, leasing, resale, and upgrading plans. The service of property agents is indispensable for individuals who are too busy to attend to all the nuances of buying and selling issues of properties. Singapore has tight regulations on property agents and agencies. With a transparent facility for verifying the credentials of agents via the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) online directory, frauds and unethical practices are effectively eliminated.

Important services by best property agents will provide

  • Tendering advice on eligibility, guidance for buying, selling, leasing, or renting property

  • Market analysis (CMA) to asses the value of the property

  • Marketing the property online and offline

  • Arranging property viewings

  • Assistance in price negotiations

  • Advice on home loan, CPF sources, and updates about the fees payable in different areas

  • Coordinate appointments with lawyers, and bankers

  • Preparation of documents such as the option to purchase, inventory list, resale applications, letter of intent, tenancy agreements, etc

An ace property agent will also double up as a top HDB agent and will ensure legal and institutional compliance to make an investment fail-proof. An experienced agent will give very useful guidance to handle tricky negotiations during buy or sell deals thanks to professional experience and market trends.

There are many instances of people trying to get into direct deals to save the commission of property agents. But that sometimes becomes counter productive as many end up losing way and incur losses by paying hefty sums beyond the actual value of the property. So, be safe and never underestimate the service value of an experienced property agent.


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